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Koi Pond Vacuum Cleaners

However good your your filtration and pump system are, even when used in conjunction with skimmers and nets, there comes the time when there is enough silt and mess, decaying leaves and other pparticles on the pond floor that you wil need a pond vacuum. There is a good range available these days and they needn't cost the earth. Here we show you some of those available and discuss the benefits of each.



Hozelock Pond Vacuum

Hozelock Pond Vacuum At last the largest equipment manufacturer have launched their own Pond Vacuum. Hozelock are famous for the quality products and their new pond vacuum continues this run of success. The New Hozelock Pond Vac is a compact and lightweight pond vacuum for quickly cleaning and removing waste from smaller ponds with a minimum of effort. The Pond Vac is supplied with two different suction nozzles: ‘wide’ for large areas and ‘narrow’ for small corners, both of which can be stored on the handle. The water is sucked up through the nozzle by a high pressure but low wattage motor, which has chopping blades fitted to allow removal of large waste matter. The water passes up the handle which is made up from 4 x 0.4m sections allowing the reach of the vacuum to be adjusted. The handle position can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable operation. The water finally exits via the handle, which has a transparent section for viewing the waste disposal, through 3m of flexible hose. All water and waste is removed from the pond to ensure that no harmful polutants are returned. A motor power of only 80 watts, this is one of the least expensive motorised vacuums to run.

Easy to use - we even throw in a FREE discharge bag and a pair of long pond gloves

  • Compact - very easy to store.
  • Lightweight - easy manouverability.
  • Designed especially for smaller ponds.
  • Adjustable handle position.
  • 10m electrical cable.
  • Brightly coloured nozzle makes it easy to see in the water.
  • Extendable handle up to 2m reach.
  • Highly economical - just 80 watts!
  • Transparent outflow section lets you see the waste you are sucking up.



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OASE Pondovac StartOASE Pondovac Start + FREE Gloves + P&P

Worldwide bestselling pond vacuum cleaner Enter code VAC in shopping basket for FREE Next Day Delivery!

oaseYou can be reassured that this pond vacuum has been tried and tested in the market for a long time.


  • Powerful 1400w motor sucks up sludge and collects it in its 27 litre tank.
  • Automatically turns off and empties when full.
  • When it has emptied it turns back on again and the cycle repeats.
  • 4m suction hose
  • 2m discharge hose
  • Removes solids up to 10mm
  • 4 nozzles (crevice, algae, flat with rubber lip, variable 2-10mm nozzle)
  • Comes with a strainer bag
  • 2 year guarantee
  • maximum reach 1.9m
  • Dimensions 365x365x585mm
  • 9.5kg
  • 4m power cord


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OASE Pondovac 4 - The Most Advanced Pond Vac

OASE Pondovac 4oaseThe most advanced pond vacuum cleaner.

FREE Pond Gloves(RRP £9.99)

FREE next day delivery.

Pondovac 3 was the 'Rolls Royce' of pond vacs but Pondovac 4 offers even more. The 20% power increase to 1800 watts means that the vac can now pull debris from an extra foot down into ponds (a total of 2.4metres). It features the clever patented 2-chamber design meaning you can vacuum continuosusly without having to wait for the chamber to empty.


  • To claim your FREE delivery simply enter the code VAC when you are prompted as you add this item to your shopping basket.
  • 1800w motor with an optimised turbine.
  • Vacuum depths down to 2.4m.
  • Suitable for ponds and swimming pools.
  • NEW upgraded ergonomic design.
  • Extensive nozzle package including a special string algae nozzle
  • 3 new brush attachments.
  • 3 year guarantee


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Tornado PondVacTornado PondVac

This clever British invention attaches to your garden hose and the water pressure creates a venturi effect which sucks up any dirt and debris which is collected in a reusable muslin bag. The pond debris makes useful garden fertislier. The special brush attachment has rollers which glide easily over the pond bottom, gently removing the dirt whilst protecting pond life and fish.

  • Removes dirt and debris in munites
  • Attaches to garden hose
  • Harmless to fish and pond life
  • Telescopic lightweight aluminium handle gives reach up to 4 feet
  • Three year guarantee.


see the whole range at pondkeeper.co.uk

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