Designing a pond

How to get the design and planning stage right first time.

Building ponds

Where, how and what materials and equipment. The hard work bit.

Koi Pond Pumps

How to choose and where to buy your koi pond pump.

Koi Pond Filters

Selecting the correct filter for your koi pond.

Koi Pond Food

Choosing the right food to keep your koi fit and healthy.

Koi Ponds, how to design, build and maintain your pond

Koi Carp are by far the most beautiful and desirable fish you can keep in a water garden. They have been described as Living Jewels by author Steve Hinkling of the book "Living Jewels of the Orient".

Koi require a specific type of environment to survive and flourish. You will read books and other web sites which give guidelines on minimum water volumes and filtration systems, but if you can give your fish more, then do so.

Here are the minimum basic guidelines and requirements for a healthy Koi pond:

  • Allow for at least 1000 gallons of water.
  • Avoid predators such as herons and cats by keeping straight sides for at least 4 feet.
  • Slope pond bottom and install a bottom drain to improve removal of solid waste and improve water circulation.
  • Install water returns in such a position so as to improve overall circulation, i.e. opposite end to drains.
  • Use the appropriate amount of filtration, based on water volume and keeping in mind the amount of Koi you would like to stock, the more koi you keep, or intend to keep in the future, the bigger and better your filtration needs to be.
  • Filters are best off having a pre-filter or settlement chamber to remove large solid particles by mechanical filtration, prior to further chambers for biological filtration.
  • Include an Ultra Violet Light in your filter system. This will help to eliminate green water.

These are just basic guidelines. For more detailed information, see the following sections.

Koi pond design

Koi pond building

Koi pond maintenance



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